• Echo Dot
    2 months ago

    You deport people to the country in which they were born. They are your guys problem, we don’t want them.

    Just make them all go live in Nebraska or something, build a wall and refuse to give them any support, it’s what they want right, self reliance?

    Set up a few cameras and live stream the results, that’ll pay for the wall cost.

    • @Pat_Riot@lemmy.today
      332 months ago

      They want self reliance about the same way a housecat does. They feel they should get to use all the lovely modern things such as roads and electricity without contributing or paying in any way. They take out loans and then try to discharge them with bogus forms that others of their kind post on the internet.

      They’re kinda what happens when libertarians drink too much of the Kool aid.

    • @NotBillMurray@lemmy.world
      112 months ago

      I’m telling you, wall off Florida and turn it into a free fire zone. Would take care of a good 30 percent of our issues in the us.

      • Cossacks
        82 months ago

        I don’t want more lunatics down here, please, and thank you. Driving anywhere is a war zone, the removal of the Civilian Police Review board, and trying to take away our rights to record first responders within 30 feet. Shit is wild to see what is happening down here.

        Hoping to turn the state purple, it’s an uphill battle, but you never know.

    • @some_guy
      52 months ago

      Put them on a raft and set them out to sea.