• @Lemvi
    3 months ago

    No, I just have very different ideas what progress is.

    Progress in my eyes is made when a society becomes more democratic, and when we solve conflicts without bloodshed.

    In that sense, sure, the GDR was a step in the right direction, but nazi germany didn’t exactly set the bar very high.

    The idea of socialism is nice, but you hardly have any progress if the system (be it built on free markets or planned economies) doesn’t work to improve ordinary citizens’ lives, but only to keep the powerful in power.

    Personaly, I don’t care much about free markets or planned economies. I think the best approach, as so often, is a kind of blend, a social market economy that allows independent companies in a framework that protects workers, consumers and the environment.

    Thing is, the specifics of the economic system aren’t important. What matters is that the people are the ones who decide them.

    There is nothing wrong with pursuing a utopian society, but ultimatly you have no control over what happens in the far future (neither should you, future societies need to be ruled by future people).

    The only thing you can control is the present and the near future, so what really matters aren’t the ends you strive for, but the means you employ while doing so.