Madiana A. Argon :blobcatace:​

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Amateur artist and junior IT administrator. Mostly self-trained in chaotic and often destructive ways. Opponent of mainstream social media and nasty digital surveillance, wanna-be cypherpunk. Linux user since 2013. Fully degoogled since December 2019.
Synesthete. That weird freak who sometimes uses Daedric alphabet. Even weirder freak who use bare IP address instead of some server name.
Cryptography is my only religion - does Church of Wael look for new members?
In my free time I draw or write stories, first of all for my fun.

I publish my works under CC BY-SA 4.0 license.

Writing here in English/Polish.

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#sysadmin #linux #degoogle #corpfree #privacy #cypherpunk #drawing #art #fedi22

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