Republican efforts to hand count ballots in a seemingly low-profile Texas county primary election has led to a number of errors.

Gillespie County Republicans, led by Chairman Bruce Campbell, decided months ago to hand-count more than 8,000 ballots for the county GOP primary on March 5. Campbell then declared the results completely accurate and certified before, less than an hour after that certification, reversing course and saying discrepancies were found.

“It’s my mistake for not catching that,” Cambell said on Thursday while sitting inside the county election administration office. “I can’t believe I did that.”

The kerfuffle over ballot counting comes after a November rematch between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump was solidified in primaries last week.

      • alliswell33
        3 months ago

        Apparently the results from that poling station were annulled and the members of that local election commission were fired. Not sure this is proof of any widespread voter fraud in Russia.

        The video in the social media posts is CCTV footage taken in Lyubertsy in the Moscow Region of Russia in March 2018 during the Russian presidential election. After the video circulated online, election results from that polling station were annulled and the chairman of the local election commission and a member of the election commission were fired, according to the Washington Post.

        edit: also getting down voted for asking for a source is hilarious 🤣