• @Kbobabob@lemmy.world
    84 months ago

    I don’t understand the “killed Facebook” thing either. I haven’t used Facebook in almost 10 years but as far as I know it’s still printing money.

    • @BlueSquid0741
      4 months ago

      Killed Facebook because the people who were into it and enjoyed using it… stopped using it 10 years ago. If I were to log into my Facebook account right now, I would see my mum posting Sovereign Citizen stuff. My aunty sharing photo after photo of my nephews and nieces. My other aunty talking about her later life crisis holidays to South Africa. And advertisement after advertisement for random junk.

      If I’m lucky, one of my friends will have posted something like “Photo from Butterfly Effect reunion last night. These guys still kick ass”

      “Facebook” is alive and well but it’s a different product than we knew and, whether intended or not, target audience is boomers and terminally online jerkoffs.