• @some_guy
    57 months ago

    I have a Mac / Linux background. I took a job where I supported primarily Windows machines. I remember wanting to set a machine to NTP to solve an out-of-sync time issue. I knew what the goddamned computer protocol was, but futzed around trying to find where I could enable it for ten minutes. Windows is confusing as fuck. I say that as a person who has since learned where shit is in this bullshit OS.

    • @Zerush@lemmy.ml
      17 months ago

      Yes, I know. This is why it amuses me when someone says that Windows is a good system for beginners. It is only at first glance, but if you want to access more in-depth configurations so that it does what you want and not the other way around, which is possible, it quickly becomes Comanche territory. Certainly nothing for newbees.