For context, I want to run a small personal gig (offering stuff on Patreon). Nothing too fancy.

In order to do that, I would need to use the Adobe suite, Windows, some audio and video effects, all requiring a commercial license.

In theory, I start to make money. How would Microsoft and Adobe know that I don’t pay for their software?

If I use some audio effects, how would their owners even be able to tell / find my work? We’re talking about basic sound effect, like rain, door knocks etc.

I’ve always been confused by this

  • @BlueSquid0741
    36 months ago

    Have you also considered though that this is how knowledge spreads. For every 100 people who read this they might say “here we go again with the FOSS…”, but a handful of people might say “GIMP? What?” and go check it out.

    Open discussion instead of strictly direct question and answer is important.

      16 months ago

      I’ve made the switch to FOSS. When faced with tasks that would only require two clicks in Photoshop, I turn to online searches like “how to do X in GIMP.” However, the results are often in the form of either a 10-minute video or a 10-step article. I’m not engaged in professional work. While I partially agree with your point of view, I find it the suggestion to “consider GIMP and Inkscape” superficial in this context. I could accept it if the person I was responding to had shared useful links or information to aid in the transition: sets of useful plugins, free tutorials, and other resources aimed towards those, who are familiar with Photoshop. Any software is just a tool. The OP’s objective is to accomplish tasks, so it’s natural for them to stick with familiar tools instead of learning new instruments. Consider another thing: if they are professionals in the field, they must have practice and deep knowledge of tools like Photoshop, not GIMP.