According to sources cited in the Guardian, Sir Keir is expected to make a pledge to “recognise Palestine before the end of any peace process.”

They also claimed he would commit to ensuring such a move is not vetoed by neighbouring countries.

But Momentum slammed it as a weakening of Labour’s previous commitments.

A spokesperson said: “The manifesto Starmer stood on pledged to recognise a Palestinian state immediately. Labour reiterated this in 2022.

“Now, it’s just ‘at some point’ — this is not good enough.

“Spain, Ireland and other countries have already recognised a Palestinian state. But the Starmer leadership rows back on Labour’s policy, then gaslights Palestinians and their supporters that they have somehow advanced.”

Jewish Voice for Labour co-chairwoman Jenny Manson said: “An offer to recognise Palestinian statehood before the end of any peace process, is at the current time, with absolutely no prospect of a peace process, a non-commitment."

  • nickwitha_k (he/him)
    11 month ago

    You’re talking the talk but are you walking the walk? Are you out actively engaging in the tactics that you’re apparently advocating? Or are you just participating in anti-electoralism/accelerationism, hoping that wins for the far-right, contrary to history, result in anything but increased suffering and mass murder?

    • ProfessorOwl_PhD [any]
      21 month ago

      The far right took over 30 years ago you fucking nonce. What do you think Thatcher meant when she said Blair was her greatest achievement? We’ve never been a remotely progressive country, but neoliberalism has been draining the country dry for most of my life, and the last 5 years have especially demonstrated how the ruling parties are in no way beholden to the public despite our alleged democracy. Maybe your GCSE history teacher wasn’t very good at it, but they did explain the rise of fascism in Germany and how it doesn’t start with killing.

      If you’re not feeling too brave maybe you could start small, like spoiling your ballot, instead of giving a complete endorsement to the parties and systems that are destroying our country.