• Schadrach
    21 month ago

    And like the other FFL games there are multiple races for the PCs who all follow different rules entirely - For example in FFL2 in addition to humans you have mutants who develop stats slower but get magic powers with limited uses that recharge on rest, Robots who when they equip items they lose half the durability, but the durability refills to half on rest and their equipped gear is where all their stats come from and monsters who more or less are what they are and advance by eating the meat of other monsters to shapeshift into more advanced forms.

    FFL3 also allows you to change between those categories over time too as well as adding hybrid categories of Beast and Cyborg for when you’re changing but aren’t all the way there yet. FFL3 also gives you an airship/time machine at the beginning of the game, but it’s broken and a big part of the game is fixing it so you can actually use it’s various features.

    But yes, I loved the whole deal with Odin thing. Also if you never lose a fight before encountering Odin, there’s no dialog at all and he basically just sneak attacks you, and gets a free surprise round. Because he can’t be optional - the whole game is about collecting 77 McGuffins, and he personally has 8 of them.