Completely random stoned hypothetical. Lets day im old as fuck and I decide I’m ready and done. Could I have the same postmortem autopsy done on me while I’m still alive? Like give me a ton of drugs and let me watch myself get dissected as my final moments. I understand there is a legal and possibly moral concern, but is it really ethically that bad if I also want it? Like I’m not taking myself out at my prime, I’m nearly dead anyways. Lemme see myself cut apart that’d be cool as shit, only if I couldn’t feel any pain though.

  • @Lemvi
    572 months ago

    I know in Germany murder is still murder if the murdered person consented to it.

    Also, an autopsy isn’t just “randomly cutting someone apart”. The point of an autopsy is to determine a person’s couse of death and doesn’t just involve cutting the dead person open. You being alive means that an autopppsy, by definition, cannot be performed on you.

    What you want is someone to mutilate and kill you. I’m pretty sure you can find someone willing to do that.

    Side note: I think you overestimate how long you will stay conscious when the blood starts flowing, painkillers don’t fix your brain running out of oxygen.