• fiat_lux
    92 months ago

    There’s a person who has been living a mostly normal life with 90% of his brain missing. Perhaps we could just re-examine society’s ableism and how we design our systems of government to allow single points of failure instead? RFK Jr. has terrible opinions, but also had them before having a literal brain worm.

    • Flying Squid
      2 months ago

      I think you missed the part where he also admits he has memory problems because of it.

      And that article is paywalled, but it has been reported that in his divorce deposition, he said his ability to earn money was affected by cognitive problems from it. Back in 2012.

      It also says he had mercury poisoning (he claims it’s from all the fish he ate), which is pretty fucking ironic considering this is the guy who went apeshit over a negligible bit of mercury in vaccines.


      I do not think it is ableism to say that someone who reports having significant cognitive problems shouldn’t be president.