The most toxic communities I know of are the Genshin community, Payday 2, FFXIV and source games communities in general.

    31 year ago

    Was looking for this lol.

    I bought a Rust ages ago, back when the development basically had it turning into a new game every year. Maybe I just got lucky back then, but never had a toxic interaction.

    Cut to last year, when a group of guild members went to Rust so I redownloaded it after 5 years. Most of us only lasted a few hours and we tried half a dozen servers lol.

    • Blxter
      1 year ago

      Yes, it’s crazy to me that people would think another game is more toxic because in rust most servers (I’m talking main/officiall servers) are really popular for at least half a week being Thursday wipes and Monday, if you build next to toxic you deal with them that whole wipe and then monthly servers same thing. It’s not one match and done with them I’m talking days and hours of just straight toxic gameplay.