The most toxic communities I know of are the Genshin community, Payday 2, FFXIV and source games communities in general.

  • moon_matter
    1 year ago

    Genshin community,

    Really? I get that communities for popular games can be a bit hit or miss, but communities for single player games are pretty chill. Competitive team games like the Source games you mentioned, League of Legends etc. are on a whole different level of toxic. They can’t even be compared.

    For something like Genshin the real problem is content creators. Much of the so called toxicity has little to nothing to do with the game itself and is more an issue with huge cults of personality clashing with each other. I think every popular game is going to fall victim to this going forward and you just have to learn to ignore it.

    • Pixel
      21 year ago

      Yeah cults of personality + ipad kids on social media tend to be the large problem with genshin imo