• @some_guy
    729 days ago

    Both. I asked my father this in 2008. He said he thought things were worse than ever. I asked if maybe it’d always been this bad but technology made us more aware of how terrible things are. He was taken aback by that thought experiment.

    Some years later, it’s absolutely worse. Trump (in USA) showed that no one has to play by any rules to remain successful / powerful. Now repubs are mask-off terrible. But I’d also argue that their party had sanity in the past. Nixon gave us the EPA. That’d never happen now. From Reagan on they’ve been shit. Clinton was also shit. Obama didn’t care, but he was eloquent. Dems sabotaged Bernie in 2020. There’s no hope. Sorry, I didn’t mean to be a downer.

    And ads everywhere! It wasn’t like this before. It’s measurably worse even if it was already terrible.