• @some_guy
    402 months ago

    “Meditate on this, Madam Speaker: When LD 1619 passed and went into law on October 25, you told God, ‘Life doesn’t matter,'" Rep. Michael Lemelin ® said on Wednesday. "God heard you, and the horrible events on October 25 happened.”

    I look forward to a time when brain-damaged victims of leaded gasoline stop expressing their opinions.

    • @acetanilide@lemmy.world
      62 months ago


      It’s crazy because if he says stuff like that, he’s a good Christian. If I say something like that, I’m being mean to Madam Speaker.

      Doubly so if I have science backing me up.

      I say this right as someone on a different website is telling me I’m being mean/hateful because I said someone (who is a terrible person) is a terrible person. It just baffles me that in their mind, it’s ok (Godly, even) to treat people like shit as long as you don’t say you’re treating them like shit. The gymnastics, man.