• TxzK
    453 months ago

    Actually, no. You are an exception to the rule. Please for the love of everything holly, delete this and don’t post anything ever again.

    • @Shampiss@sh.itjust.works
      113 months ago

      I could be wrong but I can see too much detail consistency to be AI generated. Perhaps it’s AI + Photoshop.

      I definitely can see one of the vertical wooden beams disappear behind the right elbow, it’s subtle but it looks like someone erased a small part of the beam where it touches the elbow

      There is a slim shadow cast by the chair on the wooden floor, on the right side of it’s silhouette. This feels very real. DSLR cameras can actually produce this effect tue to the few centimeters of distance from the flash source and the camera sensor

      But I feel like the same kind of shadow cast by the animal on the chair has a less real feel. Something about the mostly consistent thicnes of the shadow cast by the animal seems off to me, especially on the left side of the frame where this effect sound be reduced. So I think the chair and deck could be real, and the animal is likely edited.

      The smoke looks fake to me. There is a large cloud of smoke coming from the direction of the animal’s wrist and not from the cigarette. It also looks like it’s too much smoke to realistically come from an idle cigarette

      The animal is either a really good prop or really good Photoshop skills.

      I’d say most likely it’s AI + Photoshop. But it could also be just really good AI.

    • @Uncle_Sheo217@lemmy.world
      293 months ago

      Rule is not required to be in the titles, and never has been. It’s just something that people started back on r/195 because they couldn’t be arsed to come up with a title.

      Source: I was there when it started

      • FenrirIII
        73 months ago

        I was there. I was there 3000 years ago … when Reddit took the Rule. I was there the day the strength of men failed.

    • @secret300OP
      3 months ago

      Ah shit I didn’t know that.

      Everyone send it to the negatives!

      Edit: I can edit titles!