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  • @ken_cleanairsystems
    1 year ago

    Hi – I guess I’ll start! I live in America, and always wanted to do a lot of traveling but didn’t have the resources until a little later in life than a lot of other people start. I try to get to get to Europe every year, but of course that stopped for a few years there. I almost always travel in the off-season or shoulder season, partially to try to avoid the most crowded times, but mostly because I really dislike warm weather. I like to travel when it’s cold (or at least cool).

    My favorite thing about traveling is… kind of hard to describe. It’s seeing and trying to experience all the little everyday differences in different places, like going to grocery stores and checking out the unfamiliar snacks, or trying to figure out how to order a type of coffee drink I like in cafes. That being said, I really love museums and could happily spend pretty much all day, every day of a vacation visiting museums. Edited to add: Also, I’m a huge language nerd so I also like being in places surrounded by signs and conversations in unfamiliar languages.