• @daq
    3 months ago

    And made significantly worse by a) locking you into using a restricted version of the browser made by a shitty company. b) laging noticeably behind that browser in development c) using custom apis for performing tasks already available in any browser like interacting with microphone, camera etc d) breaking perfectly working components that rely on OS apis in regular browsers like screen sharing, video acceleration, etc e) some of the above is partially responsible for Electron being totally broken on certain combinations of OS/WM/hardware where regular browsers work prefectly fine

    I can keep going, but my point is all these pointless sacrifices are supposedly there to save dev team a bit of time instead of designing a properly working website and just using a web app or allocating some time to build a functional native app.

    Fuck Google and fuck electron. It’s just a pathetic attempt to mine more data from people using pseudo app.

    • im sorry i broke the code
      13 months ago

      I agree that ElectronJS is shit but the idea behind isn’t bad. See tauri, it achieved the same thing but better

      Source: I’m a developer forced to also work with electron