• @Blue_Morpho@lemmy.world
    65 months ago

    The most relevant part to this discussion is that Android doesn’t restrict Web browsers. On Apple, all Web browsers, even Firefox, are nothing but reskins of Safari.

    So their restrictions on Web apps affects all Web browsers on IOS because they only allow their own html engine.

    It’s absolutely insane how far we have fallen from the 90’s. Back then MS got in trouble just for including a browser with the OS. Now Apple has the majority market share in the US and is allowed to not only to bundle their own browser, but doesn’t allow any other browser other than their own.

    • @harsh3466@lemmy.ml
      35 months ago

      While you’re right about Android not restricting browsers, the context that is missing here is that the EU is (rightfully) forcing Apple to allow actual alternative web browsers/engines. In doing this, Apple is claiming that it’s too hard to support pwas while complying with the EU rulings.

      It’s utter bullshit, and pwas should continue to be supported in safari and other browsers on iOS, but Apple’s just gotta be a spiteful asshole while complying with the letter of the EU law.

      I live in the United States, currently use iOS devices, and regularly use pwas. It’s pretty unlikely my next phone will be an Apple device. I’ll probably end up with a pixel running Graphene.