• Ziixe
    175 months ago

    Too bad when more and more people buy Apple phones for some reason, well at least where I live (which is the poorer part of central Europe), I have no idea how people can spend this kind of money for a 4 or 5 year phone, when you can buy something more capable for the same money and you will actually know it will get supported with updates for more than 2 years

    Can’t wait for this to be more widespread in the future to the point iMessage will be the messaging standard

      • @sugar_in_your_tea@sh.itjust.works
        5 months ago

        Yup, those status symbols are for poor and upper middle class people.

        • poor - a few nice things makes you appreciate them a lot
        • upper middle class - no need to save money on such things, so you get “the best” or whatever
        • rich - you get bespoke stuff, “designer” stuff is for plebs
        • middle class - “a few nice things” isn’t as good as “lots of pretty good things” and a funded retirement


        • poor - my in-laws
        • upper middle class - DINKs I work with, wealthy neighbors
        • rich - movies
        • middle class - me
    • @dangblingus@lemmy.dbzer0.com
      95 months ago

      It’s mostly a moot point anyway. The vast majority of people who buy apple products “for some reason” will have no frame of reference or desire to learn what has changed as far as web apps are concerned.

      • Ziixe
        15 months ago

        Except I live in central/eastern Europe and most of these people were android users

        It definitely is just a brand thing and the fact they maybe bought a shitty budget phone and then went straight for the iPhone 11s/12s and thought “this is so good and android sucks”, because that’s just the fact the price is 4 times higher compared to the old phone

        For example for the same price you can get a pixel 7 or an iPhone 12 (or an Samsung A54, S20 FE or a flip 3, which aren’t that great considering they are on sale currently, and I’m comparing this price to the normal prices of the other two), imo the pixel is a lot better value than the iPhone in that case

        Also the retailer in question is czc.cz, probably the best retailer in Czechia for tech because others just focus on appliances or aren’t as good (but tbh they do quite suck since they just for some reason have crazy prices or don’t have some things other retailers here and around the world have)

    • bitwolf
      75 months ago

      What I always found odd is that many people will try Android. And at the first problem they’ll switch to iPhone.

      However the iPhone may demonstrate the same exact problem, among many more, yet they just deal with it anyway.

      • @towerful@programming.dev
        45 months ago

        Probably because on Android there is likely a way to fix it, but it involves a bit of research and picking the best way.
        Whereas on iPhone, thats yhe wayvits intended to be so “suck it up”.
        Some people just dont want to have to deal with the choices