• @sloppy_diffuser@sh.itjust.works
    15 months ago

    I’m running GrapheneOS on a 7 pro. Battery isn’t great, but I’ve not had any major issues… At 44% with about 2 hours screen time and 16 hours since last charge. Downloaded a bunch of updates including a system update / reboot / optimize. Listened to a few hours of music over Bluetooth. Also forgot to shutoff location services after using the GPS last night. Bluetooth connected Garmin watch. Dual e-sim (Fi and JMP).

    I normally end the day around 60%.

    You might checkout DivestOS. Last I heard they had e-sim support without needing to install any of Google’s software. GrapheneOS didn’t have this feature when I got this phone. If its not on GrapheneOS when I upgrade next I plan to try and get the e-sim on with it before installing GrapheneOS.