• amzd
    5 months ago

    On android, my PWA that I developed for fun can go full screen and appear as though a browser isn’t wrapping the page

    That is literally how I am using kbin.social right now even though it’s just a website

    I can send notifications, I can access the microphone and camera, I can do nearly everything you could expect an app to do

    All of those are defined in the web spec as well so you wouldn’t need an app for that (if apple implemented all of them, not sure if they have)

    I can support offline mode

    Your cached web page can do that too (even though most web pages don’t because it’s not a common usecase)

    I can store data locally

    Cookies have existed for much longer than the iPhone

    uninstall my app at an OS level.

    A website added to your home page basically acts like an app: it has an icon on your home screen and you can longpress > delete it just like apps

    Badges might be the only valid complaint (I don’t know if they are part of the web spec)

    [Apple] is acting against the consumer.

    Not sure how this is hurting the consumer. This has been announced many years ago and devs haven’t been able to publish new or update old web apps for ages, so this change only applies to those very old apps still on the appstore.

    • @elrik@lemmy.world
      15 months ago

      The distinction is web workers and offline mode.

      It means your PWA can preload everything it needs to run offline, and you can actually use it offline. That is different from a “cached website” which can only cache the pages you’ve already visited and otherwise does not allow you to update data locally.

      • amzd
        -15 months ago

        Your website can just preload all pages needed for offline mode