Lemmy.ml has fully went communist even their application needs you to copy paste a part from a communits book and that’s ok by me every politkcal group has their own instance and has the right to do as they wish . But they should really change their about from foss and privacy advocated to communist leaning .

EDIT : I don’t have any one political view i make my own and follow no one . Also i do think some views of communists are good and this is not my idea of throwing shade to lemmy devs just asking if there are any reasons that they still advertise it as for foss and privacy because i was going join and this stopped me.

EDIT : but it is a question though i am asking why they don’t change their about ?

    73 months ago

    I am not mad just wondering i think if the devs like it to be a communist instance we should let them be.

    • @givesomefucks@lemmy.world
      3 months ago

      Your profile says you have three accounts from small instances…

      And this one is only a week old…

      And not the same one as you made the post with?

      Sounds more like your a troll that gets banned a lot and are mad that instances took steps to keep you off their instance.

      Maybe I’m wrong tho. I do know there’s an easy way to avoid things you don’t want to see on Lemmy tho.