EDIT: Thank you so much everyone! There’s so much help for me here, and I’ll recommend anyone with similar question as me to read the comments

Basically title.

I have the DVDs and I have the hardware to burn them to my PC.

But the file size is too much. What software would be ideal to get the best quality with the lowest file size?

I’m going for file sizes per movie at around 2-3gb max.

  • u/lukmly013 💾 (lemmy.sdf.org)
    1007 months ago

    Perhaps Handbrake.

    But if you do care about the quality, then you should just download those movies in higher quality than DVD. Like this you’re just getting 480p/576p with visible compression artifacts at the same file size.

    • TheMurphyOP
      7 months ago

      Thanks, I’ll try handbreak!

      The problem is the DVDs is in a language I couldn’t find reliably to download. I once had access to a private tracker that had these things, but they got shut down, and I was on a long vacation while they migrated.

      So I missed the window and I haven’t been able to get in since.

      • Turing spider
        27 months ago

        Jellyfin supports external audio tracks (see here). It works pretty well, so you could rip the audio tracks from the DVDs with Handbrake and download higher definition video files