I have noticed phones with a handset (like the one in the image) have a little cover that resembles something like a cold camera shoe under the bottom of the handset’s top speaker holder. Is there a use for it? It has a line bump in the middle, but it doesn’t go all the way from both sides, it leaves a gap. I have also seem some of them have extra space on the top of the cover, and some don’t.

  • @al177
    264 months ago

    The intersection of people who aren’t five figures into photography and know what a hot shoe is, and people who recognize a wall mount phone trend old.

    • @pushECX@lemmy.world
      14 months ago

      LOL, you definitely don’t have to be five figures into photography to know what a hot/cold shoe is. Most consumer and prosumer cameras have one.

      • @al177
        4 months ago

        20 years ago the pocketable digital cameras that took over the consumer market didn’t have hot shoes. 30 years ago the compact point and shoot viewfinders that were the weapon of choice for vacationing didn’t have hot shoes. Today neither are relevant and are all outclassed by smartphones, and there is hardly a consumer camera market.

        You don’t have to spend five figures for that exposure, but it’s going to be an intentional hobby.