• @Jako301@feddit.de
    18 months ago

    Exactly, no one knows, but here we are on the 7th article saying Google is slowing down Firefox on purpose. That’s the least likely option by far. That would get them into multiple anti consumer and anti monopoly lawsuits while probably breaching their contract with FF at the same time. Alphabets board of advisors isn’t run by Elon musk, they know pretty much what they can get away with and wouldn’t be stupid enough to try something this big while they are already beeing monitored by the EU.

    • BolexForSoup
      8 months ago

      The articles clearly say that the cause is unclear and that it’s an ongoing controversy. If you had read the one for this thread you’d see that. They were very transparent about that.

      You are the one here saying it’s definitely one way and not another.

      it’s an anti adblock “feature” caused by incompetent design and not an anti Firefox thing.