by Ben Travis | Published on11 11 2023. Darren Aronofsky has always been attracted to stories of extremity – whether it’s the bodily intensity of The Wrestler and The Whale, the psychological torment of Mother! and Black Swan, the religious endurance of Noah, or the actual endurance test that is Requiem For A Dream. And for his next project, he’s found something that’s set to invoke all kinds of extreme reactions – because it centers on a person who’s divisive to the nth degree. According to reports, Aronofsky is set to direct an A24 biopic of none other than Elon Musk – the controversial mega-rich Space X founder, owner of Twitter (sorry, ‘X’), former bigwig of Tesla, and more…

  • circuitfarmer
    67 months ago

    If this is honest, it won’t be a pro-Musk film. But I would be impressed if that’s actually the angle here. Unfortunately with the other news about A24 shifting direction, I think this is likely another biopic money grab, and for a very bad human, but I hope I’m wrong.

    • livusOP
      47 months ago

      Yeah that’s what I think too… on the other hand why attach Aronofsky? Will be interesting to see what eventuates.