Power Creep allows even Perma-Noobs like me to help two-men-capture a Guild Hall. At least when guided by someone who obviously knew what he was doing.

Screenshot shows @lulztard on Mirage (right) and Me on Harbinger (left) after our successful first attempt.

So far we have completed

and the Mine is slowly producing Aetherium (up to 1500 for now).

There are no immediate plans to further upgrade the hall, though Material donations for some minor upgrades like Ore Synthesizer 1 and Guild Enhancement:Karma|Experience are welcome. Maybe it’s fun to also restore the War Room and the Arena at some point (seeing that ArenaNet has announced some GvG features for the Guild Halls). It would be nice, if things would grow slowly but steadily. Just like this Guild Wars 2 Lemmy Community.

Keep the Fire Smoldering … so to say.

  • NecropolaOPM
    6 months ago

    Market Restoration 1 completed. Thanks for the Material Donations!