I think it’d be cool to design a virtual city with easy bike/pedestrian access to nearby shops, schools and other amenities while minimizing car dependency (as therefore the pollution, noise, parking issues and noise that come with it).

Do you know any good city builder games for this?

  • @kd637_mi
    119 months ago

    Workers and Resources: Soviet Republic. It doesn’t have bike lanes but you can set a fully pedestrianised city, as emergency vehicles can use footpaths if needed. It also has trains, trams, buses and trolleybuses. Also helicopters, which are cool but impractical most of the time. The public transport line management is pretty in depth too, you can have pick up only spots, spots specific for workers or students, drop off only, or a bunch of other parameters. It’s really good.

    It also has resource management, but the difficulty settings are really granular so you can adjust it to however you like.