Context: EGDF is the European Games Developer Federation. The article suggests that Unity’s actions create an anti-competitive environment and that the EU should step in.

Unity’s install fees demonstrate why the EU needs a new regulatory framework for unfair, non-negotiable B2B contract terms. Contract terms Unity has with game developers are non-negotiable. With the new non-negotiable install fee, European game developers have to either withdraw their games from markets, increase consumer prices or renegotiate their contracts with third parties. For example, if a game memory institution makes games available for download on their website, a game developer studio must now ask for a fee for it or ban making European digital cultural heritage available to European citizens. The three-month time frame Unity is providing for all this is not enough.

  • @wim
    93 months ago

    That money could be better spent enhancing existing open source alternatives though. Would cost far, far less in the long run.

    If people and studios stick with Unity after this, they only have themselves to blame.