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Don’t hold back you jerks!

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    • JessicaOP
      2111 months ago

      So there was this guy, named Stokes. And, in 1966, pick up sticks, he proved that it was actually better to leave the bottle of ketchup upside-down. Pretty sure he won the Noble Prize, plus American Idol for that discovery.

      • PM_ME_VINTAGE_30S [he/him]
        511 months ago

        I had to look up “nerd sniping”, I’ve been there. If it makes you feel any better, the Generalized Stokes’ Theorem has a proof, e.g. it is a solved problem, it just requires a lot of reading.

        I flipped through a few books in my e-library and found that Manifolds, Tensors, And Forms by Paul Renteln has two equivalent proofs starting on pg. 164. That was the “soonest” I could find the proof appearing in the books I know have a proof, e.g. building on the least material. IMO it’s an “easy” book compared to other books I’ve read on manifolds and differential forms. There’s a copy on LibGen.

        Dammit now I want to go read my books :)