Give me your worst, Lemmy! Absolutely nothing is off limits. Let’s get fucking weird!

I post this here because /c/iama doesn’t seem to be a thing…

Don’t hold back you jerks!

EDIT: It’s just about 05:00 for me. Night night! I’ll answer any other questions. In a few hours!

    • JessicaOP
      511 months ago

      It is the only choice. This is the way? Wait, is that not appropriate here? I’m not high anymore, but I am still very drunk 😅

      Though I will be honest, mousepad is very convenient. Useful? Not really. But changing an env var? Pretty easy. Is that a sin?

      • nickwitha_k (he/him)
        211 months ago

        Nope. If it’s comfortable and useful to you, it’s the right choice. I’ve reasons that I prefer (neo)vim to other options - namely that I live in the terminal and have worked with a lot of remove hosts. But, any option out there that works for you is the right choice. I’ve used EMACS before and it’s a great tool too just not as well situated in my patterns of usage for me to find it useful to me.