• @maegul@lemmy.ml
      311 months ago

      I don’t think so … I think that’s someone talking about what is the most annoying thing you have seen about Lemmy users? … the question and point of the post. Honestly, I think it’s poor form to create a thread for criticising lemmy users/culture to then find certain critiques (which you evidently disagree with) to be inherently invalid without presenting any sort of discussion or explanation for your view in any remotely polite fashion.

    • @Pratai@lemmy.ca
      11 months ago

      Did you miss the part where I said everyone across the argument sucks? I didn’t even know what a tankie was until I asked a while back. I think the entire thing is fucking stupid.

      But I see a LOT of people whining about them. Which is ironic considering that the person I responded to called themselves out by making evening about tankies, while people who whine about them do exactly that by whining about them.