Even though we got a computer in the mid to late 90’s, a shitty DOS-box that no-one kind of really knew how to do anything with, I was infinitely interested in anything to do with it. I remember playing Guerrilla Wars and some dungeon crawlers on it and such, but I feel like I almost entirely missed out on text-based games. I vaguely remember playing two, but I guess I was just excited about computer graphics or something that I didn’t really care for them or the ones I tried just sucked.

I’m sure there’s people here that have more experience with them so I ask you to bring forth all your favorite text-based adventures, regardless of genre. What classics should I go for?

    • @lingh0e@lemmy.film
      28 months ago

      Holy shit this is my first “Reddit Moment” on Lemmy, where I go to post something and someone else has already posted it.

      So many parts of that damn game are somehow burned into my psyche.

      “Arum Sub Est”.