This community is housed on an instance run by two trans women, focused on the needs of the queer and gender diverse community.

We allowed 196 here because we were promised the community is queer and trans inclusive.

If you’re here it’s because you’re aggressively supportive of trans folk. Not middle of the ground, not “just asking questions”.

If your response to that is, “yes, but…” then this isn’t the instance for you, and by extension, this isn’t the community for you.

tl;dr - Unambiguous support and inclusion, or fuck off somewhere else.

Edit - I changed the phrase "aggressive support to “unambiguous support”, as there was some confusion over the intent behind my previous phrasing.

  • @thisbenzingring
    5311 months ago

    I don’t subscribe to this community but I found your post in the top of my feed. And want people to know, you have my support. I think it’s awesome that you’re able to build this community.

    I’m not going to be aggressive in any online discussion but I am very sensitive to the situation. My brother was a gay man who had lots of difficulties and ultimately took his own life. I will always wonder if society was different, if he’d still be here.

    So I will never shy away in real life. I promised the memories of my brother to always be that change that is needed. I will be that cis dude who takes the time to try and change people who show me their bigotry.

    I know people in real life who have transitioned. It’s a very difficult process and anyone who feels that they need it, they should have access to it. The look of being comfortable in one’s own skin afterwards is absolutely observable. I can only do what I can do but you will always have an ally in me.