• @theangryseal@lemmy.world
      91 month ago

      That is brilliant.

      And of course folks argue that we’d have more toilets if people could charge again.

      I run a place with a public restroom. There are times when I get so angry that I’d like to charge 20 bucks a shit just to make it worth my while cleaning that mess up.

      Ultimately though, folks can’t help that they gotta shit. Most people don’t want to use a public restroom, so if they’re running a in there they are desperate and the conditions are set up for a disaster.

      It is what it is. I have gloves, bleach, disinfectant, and a strong stomach.

      I’m still gonna curse you under my breath for half a day. :p

      • VaultBoyNewVegas
        31 month ago

        I’ve bowel disease so thanks for being understanding. When I have a flare up I struggle to even leave the house because I have to go that often so if I do manage to get out of the house then being able to get to a toilet is essential for me otherwise I’ll have to bring a change of clothes and wipes plus deodorant.