Does anyone know an unfreezable stablecoin that is the least at risk of becomming another TerraLuna? I love Monero but its too volatile to keep 100% of my life savings in an unfreezable stablecoin is CRUCIAL. This is such horrible news. Fuck Rune Christiansen for this shit!!

    2 months ago

    I think stablecoins will always have a centralized point of failure. Weather it is an algorithm, or having the coin backed by the actual asset.

    I think the best stablecoins are backed by the asset 1 to 1 or a little more then 1 to 1. Most stablecoins that do this are token on smart chain contracts which have another vulnerability which is being a smart contract. Smart contracts could contain a vulnerability and if it does have a vulnerability, a new contract will need to be made and users will have to switch their old token to the new tokens. Also censorship is an issue.

    And these stablecoins are not private. The only private stablecoin platform out there is Haven but Haven assets are not backed 1 to 1.

    I hope there are plently of stablecoins issued on Zano in the future. Zano allows you to create an asset without creating a smart contract. All assets on Zano are private. I would like to see Tether, USDC and other issue stablecoins on Zano. Trusting the issuers on backing the stablecoin and trusting the issuer to secure their private keys to prevent hackers from inflating the asset will be the only vulnerabilities, but you will have privacy and a censorship resistant stablecoin!