Does anyone know an unfreezable stablecoin that is the least at risk of becomming another TerraLuna? I love Monero but its too volatile to keep 100% of my life savings in an unfreezable stablecoin is CRUCIAL. This is such horrible news. Fuck Rune Christiansen for this shit!!

  • @BD89OP
    2 months ago

    Great idea! Any idea on how I would avoid getting brutally raped by the taxman by doing that? See, with DAI I could just convert it over and boom. That was it. My rent and car payment are locked in now for how ever many months worth I need it to be stabilized for. But with what you’re suggesting why would I even use crypto at all just screw all the privacy and tax freeness of it all and convert it straight to cash with a CEX every time you want to stable up! That’s terrible advice. I agree that Monero is so important but you’re out of touch and mistaken if you think it can survive on its own. Haveno and Serai will be the only options left to get it soon other than mining or face to face p2p trading which isn’t feasible for everyone. If we don’t do something now that can introduce and immutable form of stability then we may end up losing the fight eventually.