Every album I’ve ever encountered seems to have a mixture of bangers and one or more meh or outright flops. It’s easier than ever to skip over the tracks now, but as the question asks: what’s is, in your opinion, the perfect album, or does one/can one even exist?

  • u/lukmly013 (lemmy.sdf.org)
    129 days ago

    Didn’t find one yet.
    For me, in a perfect album would be songs which only have the same kind of feeling. You know, you won’t switch from a sad song to the biggest banger. And the songs would be alphabetically sorted so that when you put them into directory, you don’t have to keep deciding whether to have them sorted alphabetically or by track no., because they would be in the same order. But that’s just my weird problem. Would be cool if it was same in chronological order.