There are services that are actually free, those who don’t sell your data and still manage to stay afloat. I use a lot of these. I like the Freemium model, I like the fact that the community is paying for my use of a great service till I can stand on my own two feet. So, I was wondering if there were any services you used for free once but once you got money, you started supporting it. It makes more financial sense to go with folks who offer only paid services, because you essentially are not bearing the cost of those who are not yet able to pay (or will never pay), but are there instances where you went with the company who was providing you free service for all those years out of gratitude?

I use ProtonVPN and I trust the folks at ProtonVPN and hopefully someday be buying a paid plan although some say it’s overpriced! What about you. What is the service you plan on paying for one day or one you are paying for now out of gratitude and a sense of community?

Also, it doesn’t have to paid, let’s say you became a tor node because you wanted to help the service you believe in. Or something like this, you get the idea!

Also, thanks to admins and devs of as I was able to get in without any fuss even after using Tor Browser. And screw reddit for blocking me : )

Edit: It will take me sometime to reply (perhaps a day) but I want to hear you!