I can’t really think of a reason for that as Reddit is hated somewhat equally by “both” sides of the spectrum. It’s just something I find interesting.

  • @entropicdrift
    9 months ago

    I asked you to establish the truth value of your claims about the FOSS community 1) adopting crypto and 2) being cracked down on. That’s not sealioning. I genuinely had no idea what you were talking about and I’m in the FOSS community.

    Even with this correction I think you’re maybe referring to RedHat being shitty with regards to going corporate, which is a bit silly since they’ve always been the corporate-friendly for-profit Linux company. I mean it is worse than it had been but it’s hardly indicative of a trend across the entire community.

    I honestly still have no idea what you’re alluding to WRT the FOSS community adopting crypto, though. Blockchain stuff I get, it was a trendy technology and IPFS is neat and all, but I’ve seen no trend towards cryptocurrency in the general FOSS community. Like what, did Apache mint some NFTs? Tell me what you’re alluding to so I can Google it, even, if you’re too lazy to send me a link.

    Your strawman (from my perspective) was the reframing of my request as needing proof that “right-wingers love crypto projects” which was not what I was asking about at all. You decided that I was sealioning because I called bullshit on your claims about trends in the FOSS community, from my perspective. That seemed to me an awful lot like misrepresenting my argument in order to dismiss it out of hand, so, y’know, a strawman.